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Natural & handmade bespoke artisan skincare & bath products. All our soap, shampoo bars & conditioner bars are vegan.

Inspired by the fresh air, waterfalls & stunning nature of the Brecon Beacons. We offer essential oil soaps, shampoo, conditioning bars & bath products.


We make our soap in the traditional cold process method or hot process method (no melt & pour here!) allowing us to use our artistic skill to make a beautiful looking product.  Each soap is cured for up to four weeks. 


We use essential oils for fragrance but more importantly for the associated health & well-being benefits. 


We do offer a range of fragrance oil products & this is the only synthetic ingredient we use.​​

Love your skin naturally.

NEWS from the Valley


In stock NOW

We have ordered some hand sanitiser spray from a trusted Ethical supplier (they also give a donation to the NHS for each product purchased). We usually only ever make our own products but we cannot get hold of isopropyl alcohol from our trusted source or any spray caps! 


Jungle Waterfall

Palm Free

What's New for us?

In 2020 we are cleaning up our act too! We are making our products Palm Free. Whilst we have only ever used Roundtable certified sustainable Palm Oil,  and there are good arguments for the continued use for it in soap, etc. We feel that whilst global food companies are exploiting it for cheap fillers in their products, we can make a small change & a big difference in our company by finding a more friendly & local alternative. We have been working like busy bees this month & have begun to make a well-balanced base recipe,  which offers the same creamy luxury bubbles & cleansing we demand from our soap & shampoos. 

Please note two little exceptions: Zebra and Tiger soap have Roundtable certified palm oil because it makes a harder soap for heavy use.



What people are saying.

I bought some soaps the girls were great at offering advice for skin care in Merthyr a few weeks ago bumped into them again in Caerphilly last weekend. Products all made from natural ingredients so if your looking for a gift. They have lots of idea 🌟

Sarah Saunders

Your rose shampoo is amazing for my old coloured long hair, and the conditioner is great too once I got overusing the bar. Nothing seemed to be coming off it but it works so I don't need serum any more for dry ends.

Linda Bristow

The Sea Mud soap is wonderful for my dreadful dermatitis on my hands. It is silky smooth & cleansing, at the same time with a lovely fragrance from the Tea Tree.

Caroline Harnett

Found these lovely shampoo bars... they smell absolutely gorgeous & the ingredients are so natural, so much nicer than packing a plastic bottle.

Walton Court Caravan & Campsite


Cleansing hair & skin naturally







Body Care Range


We offer a wholesale price for shops with a like-minded ethical outlook. Please email us at welshvalleysoapery@outlook.com for a wholesale price list.


We do not manufacture products under other brand names. Our products are unique to Welsh Valley Soapery and made only by us in the beautiful Welsh Valleys. 

We do offer special bespoke products for weddings, corporate events and one-off events. We can make bespoke packaging to include a  personal touch or corporate logo/name.

Please contact us below with an outline of your requirments. 

Getting married?

At Welsh Valley Soapery, we are here for all our customers.

  • Getting Married?


  • Have you got a special event coming up or have a specific question in mind?

  • We can create your own soap & branding for that personal touch. ​


A Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner bar or Bath salts or Bath Fizzers is a perfect way to thank your guests for attending your special day. 

We can offer Vegan, all-natural, fun fragrance or essential oils. We have a variety of soap moulds to fit any occasion including flower moulds, rainbow moulds & unicorn moulds. 

Don't worry if your guests are vegan, alcohol-free, on a diet, health kick or detox- soaps are all good & a longer-lasting memory than traditional favours. 

Be a bit different - give us a call or send us an email. 

Founded in 2018 by Abi & Emma Hanks,


Welsh Valley Soapery is a modern on traditional soaps, shampoo & conditioner. We want to harness the power of nature and reflect the beauty of nature in our products. We believe that natural products are better for your health and well being.  

We wanted to make our own products, so we knew what we were putting on our skin and our children's skin and down the drain. As busy women with careers, a home, and children to juggle we never had the time or ingredients to create quality homemade products. As our circumstances changed as a family, (always a silver lining!) we had the time to research and create. Welsh Valley Soapery was a new twinkle in our eyes. After a good 9 months of research, practice, and trials our business was born! We thought we could make the products everyone wants to make but don't have time! 


Our products are plastic-free, made with palm-free oils in the same method soap has been made for hundreds of years. We make all of our products by hand in our soapery. We test each product on ourselves and human volunteers. We offer bespoke artisan luxury products but without a ridiculous price tag. We are passionate about the environment and sustainability. Our packaging is 100% recyclable & minimal.


As a family, we try to find a balance in the modern world to enjoy the freedoms of modernity and technology, whilst being mindful of the impact we have on our planet. We wanted to encourage our children to love all that nature can offer & create a healthier lifestyle for us all.  We moved to the Welsh Valleys to pursue our dreams & we haven't looked back since.


Happy soaking & soaping!

Abi & Em xx​​



We use Royal Mail second class as our delivery service. We charge a flat rate of £3.50 to cover the cost of postage & packing for deliveries under 2kg  (which most orders fall into) .

For wholesale or a large order delivery, we are happy to arrange myhermes or other parcel services. 

We are happy to ship anywhere, just drop us a line if out of the UK.


Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

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